To raise a well adjusted and sociable pet requires responsible ownership and an investment in obedience, discipline, and stimulation. One of the most frustrating occurrences for owners is teaching precious pooches to eliminate outdoors rather than in living spaces. Bucks County PA Dog Training offers the following tips to assist in developing a well behaved and desirable addition to the family.

Whether you are raising a pup or have adopted an older dog, there are a number of in-home training methods to ensure that balance is maintained and animals understand what is expected of their behavior. Discipline, exercise, and affection have to be applied to raise well adjusted pets. This ensures that you remain in pack leader status and canines are stimulated to prevent boredom and destructive behavior.

To get your pooch to potty outside, designate a specific area where they are allowed to do their business. This can include a grass patch in the back or near trees that is easy to access. It is important to make it clear that the particular spot is where all eliminations should occur.

Once the pooch has eaten or slept, take him out 10 to 20 minutes thereafter. Place the dog on the spot where he is supposed to eliminate and wait until this has occurred. Positively reinforce the action with praise once you are sure that he has completed his business.

If your pooch does not have outdoor access, be sure to take him out every 2 hours. If the animal is to remain in the house during the day, place paper lining on the floor as a designated spot for elimination. This will encourage the use of the designated spot rather than messing all over the house.

There are a number of ways to tell that your pooch needs to eliminate. These including pacing, sniffing, and moving towards the door to get out. Be sure to exercise patience and set boundaries in place from the start to prevent unmanageable results as animals become larger and older.

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