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What is an E-Collar?

An electronic remote dog training system which uses a wireless transmitter and receiver collar to communicate information signals to your dog via a hand held transmitter. The remote transmitter has different functions based on your model and style of training. The signal options are: tone, vibration, or gentle stimulating sensation.

This is how we communicate to the dog. Each signal can be used as a reward signal, command signal, warning signal or corrective punishment signal. There is a dial to set the pulse levels from 0 to 100, unlike most traditional “Old School” shock collars back in the day that were somewhat harmful when misused. Today’s Dog Training E-Collars use a similar pulse technology that is being used in our hospitals today (Tens Unit). This contact stimulation mimics the touch signal of the mother dog.

Dogs commonly learn through 3 basic forms of communication: Audible Sounds, Action Response and Contact Learning. If you decide to use the e-collar for your dog’s training after you have worked with Bob’s Pet Stop or a trained certified Professional in your area, you will learn how to communicate to your dog in the same manner. In other words, if you want a well-behaved dog who understands consistent communication messages given by you without using a leash and collar forever, then an E-Collar Remote Dog Training System is the choice for you!

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E-Collar Owner’s Manuals
Training Information
Procedure to Pair Transmitter to Collar Receiver
300 / 302 Owners Manual
Replacement Parts

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