Advanced Dog Training

This 6-week program is for the dog owners or professional dog trainers, dog walkers, dog daycare providers and veterinarians who want more than just “Basic On-Leash” training.  Many serious dog trainers and dog owners have decided to make a total commitment to their dog’s training and want the pleasure of advancing their skills above the “normal” on-leash training program.  Maybe you want to certify your dog for a “Good Citizens” degree, or want to use your dog for Therapy Training at a local nursing home.  Advanced dog training gives you the freedom of controlling your dog without a leash.  Learn how to use some of the finest training tools and techniques in the industry to hone your dog training skills. Learn the secrets to “Marker Training” and learn to handle your dog without using continuous commands or training treats to advance your dog’s learning experience to a whole new level.  Off Leash, Therapy, Service Dog, Companion Dog, it’s your choice!!

The cost per lesson for existing clients is $99.

The cost for new clients is $125 per lesson.

The cost for professionals (Trainers, Veterinarians, Breeders, Doggie Daycares and Rescues. $150.

With these programs, you will also receive written instruction and private “How To” dog training videos to help you with your daily practice (dog training supplies not included). Dog training instruction can be arranged to take place in the home, the park, in town, or just around the neighborhood. You have the option to pay and book your appointments as-you-go, or pre-pay for the discounted rate…. It’s your choice! Read more about how to be a responsible dog owner.
Results may vary based on owner participation and abilities.
All appointment times are reserved exclusively for you.
If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, please text a message
to 267-994-5390 within 24 hours of your appointment time.