Problem Solver Program for Difficult Canine Behavior Issues

This 4 lesson, 8 week course behavior problem solving program (lessons are bi-weekly) is designed to help teach you how to control, manage, correct and redirect your dog’s behavioral issues such as Aggression, Separation Anxiety, and Fear Disorders. The goal of this program is to custom design a dog training curriculum to meet your specific needs for dogs 6 months and older and show you how to handle your dog in a safe manner and help your dog overcome any developmental conditions. I will evaluate your situation, learn as much as I can about the concerns you’re having with your dog and give recommendations to immediately start the training process on the right foot. We will also discuss what you may or may not be doing that could be contributing to some of your problems which will hinder your ability to help your dog’s recovery and prevent you from moving forward with healthy interaction.  The cost per lesson is $150.   If you would like to take advantage of my pre-pay discount, the cost for the 4-lesson package, the cost is $495.  I accept Credit Cards, Checks or Cash… It’s your choice!  The lessons are approximately an hour and fifteen minutes or more.  Any additional lessons you would like to add after our 8-week course are $99 per lesson!!

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With these programs, you will also receive written instruction and private “How To” dog training videos to help you with your daily practice (dog training supplies not included). Dog training instruction can be arranged to take place in the home, the park, in town, or just around the neighborhood. You have the option to pay and book your appointments as-you-go, or pre-pay for the discounted rate…. It’s your choice! Read more about how to be a responsible dog owner.
Results may vary based on owner participation and abilities.
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If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, please text a message
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