Telephone Consultations

This is a professional and educational telephone consultation designed to answer any of your questions regarding your dog’s behavior. My strategy is to listen to your concerns and then answer your questions related to your dog’s particular behavior problems.  I will then direct you with simple and safe “step-by-step” instructions for your dog’s everyday care and treatment.  After your personal consultation is finished, I will email you written instructions and/or audio or video training lessons to help complete your new training instruction for success.

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The cost for your personal dog training telephone consultations is $59.00 for 40 minutes.

When calling during office hours, your pet’s information will be taken over the phone while you wait to set up your appointment. If you would prefer to complete the on-line client form yourself, you also have that option, it’s your choice!! Once your morning appointment has been scheduled, I will call you at the appointed time and ask for your credit card information. Once the transaction is complete, we will start our lesson.

You are encouraged to have all your relevant questions prepared before your consultation.