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Lynne Gibson

Hello Bob, I am ecstatic to be writing this email!  One month ago, I moved into a new community that not only allows dogs, it has a private dog park and poop bag stations (the management company supplies poop bags in handy pull-out stations situated all over the property).  Obviously, there are many dogs who live here. Given Charlie's history, I was VERY nervous about suddenly subjecting him to sooo many dogs at once.  However, as per your advice, I gave my neighbors a heads-up about Charlie's history and they have - as you said most dog owners would - volunteered their dogs as participants in Charlie's learning. Tonight, Charlie "reconnected" with his new friend Riley and then not only met four new dogs within 15 minutes, he hung with them and Riley for another 30 minutes without causing a fight.  Granted, he snipped when meeting two of the dogs, but we (myself and my new neighbors) were all prepared for it.  Thank you so much for giving Charlie (and me) the chance to make new friends.

James Family

When Malcolm and I brought, Roman, our 8 week golden doodle puppy home we were committed to properly training him so that one day we would have a well behaved dog.  After reading a ton of books on training puppies, I was thoroughly confused as they seemed to contradict each other, so I decided to sign up for a ‘puppy class’ at a chain pet store.  After diligently applying the techniques I was being taught, I had a 4 monthly old puppy who was basically ‘running the show’ at home and now starting to growl at us.  I was thoroughly exhausted by it all. Then, we met Bob, a true dog training expert, and we realized that most of what we read and what we were doing was totally wrong and we were causing our puppy to be confused and anxious.  Bob showed us how to start to train Roman in ways that were simple for us to understand and apply – we saw positive results immediately.  When I had questions in-between sessions, Bob was always accessible via email or phone and willing to help talk me through any issues I was having.  With each session with Bob our confidence and our ability to train our puppy grew tremendously. From the moment we met Bob, we have been incredibly impressed with him.  Bob is knowledgeable, competent, compassionate and a real pleasure to be around.  I cannot imagine properly training our puppy without Bob’s guidance and expertise.

Laurie and Daniel (Sammy, Foxy, and Bella)

It was great working with Bob as he provided us with safe, effective and positive training techniques to better communicate with our dogs.  He truly enjoys teaching and is patient when demonstrating and reviewing the various steps and strategies.  Bob has extensive experience working with a variety of dogs and temperaments.  He is able to correct the identified behavioral issues and concerns.  Bob genuinely enjoys helping people better understand how to handle challenging behaviors and build trust with our pets.  He truly has enriched and enhanced the relationship we have with our dogs.  We are grateful for the relevant and practical techniques that we received.  I recommend Bob to anyone who needs dog training and is looking for results to stop problem behaviors.

Brittney Barndt

Hey Bob!  I just wanted to give you an update on Tucker.  Christmas morning I had my whole family over which includes lots of kids, so I kept Tuck in his crate but uncovered so he could watch everyone interact.  He whined like he wanted to come out and play the whole time.  The week between Christmas and New Year’s, my parents had a lot of people over and he did very well with everyone out of his crate.  Then on New Year’s Day, the whole family came over again and I felt confident that he would be fine with the kids.  He stayed at my feet for awhile and then began to stray away and lay quietly next to the children and everyone else. Then yesterday, my sister’s boys (2 and 6) came over and he was great with them.  He was snuggling with them on the couch, licking their faces; laying on their laps… it was incredible.  He was begging for their attention.  He has really become a great dog.  Just wanted to update you and say thanks for everything!

Lee & Joan

Hello Bob.  We wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with your training program for our dog Lenny.  We were aware when we adopted Lenny that he had behavioral issues as a result of a prior abusive situation.  You developed a training program for Lenny which combined treats and praise and was designed to address his problems.  Your program made the training a positive experience for Lenny and for us so that Lenny was eager to learn.  You trained not only Lenny but also trained us so that we knew how to manage and correct Lenny's problems.  This is something that Lenny's prior trainer was not able to do.  Your videotapes of the training sessions allowed us to view as often as needed the correct manner of training.  As a result, we have seen a remarkable improvement in Lenny's behavior and feel much more confident in helping Lenny to overcome his abusive past.  We are looking forward to continue to work with you with regard to Lenny's further training.

Jim & Lynn

I would highly recommend Bob's Pet Stop for your dog training needs.  We used him for our 2 1/2 year old yellow lab (Libby) and it really made an immediate difference in her behavior.  As we advanced through our lessons Libby has responded beautifully.  With a little patience and Bob's guidance we were able to train her to respond to commands and walk without pulling.  My wife Lynn could never walk her because she pulled constantly.  Now she can walk her with no problem.  Bob also gives you an understanding of dog behavior which helps you to train your dog.  As many here have already stated, we wish we would've started with Bob earlier but as we found out it is never too late!

Kathy – Bensalem

Hi Bob, let me just start with “I wished I had found you sooner”.  You are the best!  Thank goodness there is someone to turn to for guidance who really loves dogs.  Bob in my eyes is the best in Bucks County.  Bob has many years of experience and explains each technique in an easy gentle way that you will understand.  He provides practical advice and is very flexible to your unique situation.  I cannot express enough how impressed I was by his skills and most of all by his kindness in helping me train my loving, well-mannered German Shepherd who was just set in her ways.  I highly recommend Bob to anyone who is second guessing “am I working/training my dog the correct way”.  I was getting frustrated.  I found Bob and so glad I made that call to him.

L Rumer

Dear Bob, we want to thank you for all of the expertise that you have shared with us.  We are confident that we have the tools to train our puppy as he grows into a well behaved and obedient dog.  This training experience has been invaluable, and the perfect investment to help our family and new pup to live happily together for many years.

Vince Formica

We can not say enough about the outstanding professional service and commitment provided to us by Bob.  We took in a 70 pound rescue shepherd who was hyper and difficult.  Through Bob's patient guidance and instruction, we were able to help him overcome his aggressive behavior with cars, power equipment as well as train the dog to walk on a leash and obey commands.  Bob worked to find the right mix of training techniques just right for our dog.  We would recommend Bob for anyone needing help training any aspect of dog behavior.  Wow!


I just would like to share a little of my weekend with you.  My granddaughter (3yrs) came to visit on Friday.  The excitement got the best of 'Miss Gracie' and her little devil horns popped out, she was out of control, jumping and biting.  I kept pressure on her leash and pulled her down with the dominant down keeping her controlled.  Scarlet was afraid of her and I was very concerned, so I keep them apart as much as possible.  The next morning Gracie was surprisingly calm and laid back, almost like an adult bulldog, not a 5 month old.  About mid morning, Scarlet ask to play with her and I agreed with some trepidation.  Well, Scarlet took the leash and was off down the driveway with Gracie in tow.  They had a blast all day, up and down the drive, by the end of the day Gracie was so tired she went to her crate an hour before her regular bed time.  I want to thank you for teaching me (and Gracie) how to control a situation which could have been a disaster.  So now, Scarlet and Gracie will be life long friends, instead of Gracie being the out of control little 'devil', Scarlet would be afraid of.


It was a great lesson!  It all makes sense to me, and there is such a big change in Dillon already.  He is now such a pleasure to walk on the leash.  He has not tried to jump on the furniture or on people.  Even getting him in the crate has been easier.  He gets upset when left, but he has to learn that it's ok to be alone.  Also, he isn't clinging to me like he used to.  He will go lay down or play in another room.  I don't have to be in constant sight now!  I am amazed and proud of Dillon.


Hi Bob, just wanted to let you know that in just two visits you have turned our crazy household into an enjoyable home for our family and pets.  Your teaching methods make so much sense and are done with so much kindness.  It is a pleasure working with you!

Sam and Brian Allridge

My husband and I hired Bob to come and help us train our new puppy, Spartan.  I, who have never had a dog, was very interested in learning the best way to train our dog.  Bob showed us all the proper ways on how to crate train our dog, walk on the leash, proper playtime and how to keep our pet safe.  Our end result was amazing, and friends and family couldn't get over how well behaved our dog was and how well he listened and followed directions.  We, unfortunately, suffered the loss of our puppy due to a tumor on his brain at a very young age.  My husband and I adopted a new puppy, and because of his traits he was tougher to train using all the instructions Bob had given us.  I contacted Bob, and had many conversations with him on our new puppy, the issues we were facing.  Bob came out and we did a whole new training session with our new puppy, Max.  Bob was great in helping to train us and how to train our defiant dog.  He recommended for Max that we use a Sportdog training collar, and thanks to Bob's techniques and the training collar, Max is a good boy now.  I would absolutely recommend Bob to family or friends.  Bob is also great, if you have any questions, sending him an email or a quick call, he is willing to help you in any way he can!  I am happy that we were recommended Bob thru our Vet, and can't be more thankful for him and showing us how easy it is to have a great dog and enjoy everything that comes with it.