Many people have no idea how to train a pet. Proper information will help you and your pet bond and have a good relationship. To avoid common mistakes take a look at a Bucks County PA dog obediencetraining service.

One of the basics in working with your animal is to maintain calm behavior. It is important for you to take this time to bond with your canine, so it should be stress free for both of you. There are some typical mistakes that are made while training that should be avoided.

One mistake a lot of folks make when housebreaking their pet is to punish when he or she has an accident inside. Your dog does not understand that you are angry because they relieved themselves inside. Your dog relates your anger to the act of urinating or defecating. Consequently, your pet becomes frightened and will hide when they need to go which makes training difficult.

You must have time to dedicate to teaching your pet how to behave. Your dog cannot learn what is expected without your help. Taking your pet outside regularly will help him or her make the connection between having to relieve themselves and that they are expected to do so outside.

The animal should be rewarded for doing the right thing and positive reinforcements need to be used when they misbehave. Painful punishments are never recommended for training. Many people tend to get into the habit of calling their dog to punish. This will cause the animal to become hesitant to come when called.

This can be avoided by making certain you call your dog for treats, hugs, and other pleasant tasks. Be sure to reward your pet before and after you perform an unpleasant but necessary task. Remember that you need to teach your pet how to behave and what is expected of them.

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