Few experiences in life can equal that of having a beloved dog. It is even more enjoyable when your pet knows obedience commands. Teaching a pet to do tricks is cute, but nothing takes the place of a well behaved companion who adores you. Here are a few of the benefits of in-home Bucks County PA dog obedience classes.

It is all important that both you and your doggy are able to relax and have few distractions. Having the professional come to your home helps ensure the least interference and a place where your dog can relax. These familiar surroundings make it easier for both of you to stay focused on the instructions.

A specifically qualified animal handler has the expertise and experience you lack. But that doesn’t mean you and your doggy can’t learn. Knowledge and direct instructions make it easy to remember the pointers after the session and helps you understanding the purpose of the commands to learn that week.

Ask the instructor to do an evaluation on your sweet canine. This includes a temperament evaluation, disposition assessment, and an aptitude test to determine if your pet has other abilities. There is also a Canine Good Citizenship certification for good doggies to pass once they are well trained.

A qualified professional handler is always happy to help you with such concerns as what pet foods to buy and what feeding time should be about. They also offer suggestions on grooming and what types of bedding to consider for comfort and warmth. Play time should be a happy experience and your instructor can advise on what safe toys to buy.

The experience of learning should be an enjoyable one and teaching a pet the obedience commands and a few tricks can be more than rewarding. It can set up a relationship between the two of you that lasts for a lifetime of mutual admiration and acceptance.

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