Dogs are fantastic companions. They are friendly, affectionate and intelligent so more households have dogs for pets than any other type of animal. Whether you have a dog for a particular job such as security, or just for fun it is important that they are well behaved. If you need to check out a Bucks County PA dog obedience trainer you can find them online.

Training is not just about toilet training, although that is very important. When a dog is not trained it can be difficult and in extreme cases dangerous to live with. Owners need to feel comfortable first of all that their dog is not going to attack anyone. Nobody wants to have to curtail visitors to their house or keep their pet on a leash all the time for fear it will attack someone.

Less extreme behaviors can be very annoying and bother neighbors also. Barking is a natural behavior for a dog but it is better that it only occurs when absolutely necessary. Some breeds of dog are more prone to barking than others but all can be shown that it is only acceptable to bark when somebody approaches the house.

Although training can be used to help with many behavioral problems it is not a magic bullet. It does however, teach both the dog and owner how to begin to communicate. This is hugely important for the happiness of both.

It can be hugely frustrating to try to communicate with a dog. Often they seem to understand but have made a different association that the one the owner wants to establish. This becomes apparent later and then it is often too late to correct the error. Learning simple techniques, such as obedience commands and rewarding can lead to a more fulfilling life for everyone.

Getting good advice and training is easy. Classes are a good place to learn the basics or a trainer can provide services at home in the dog’s familiar environment. A well trained dog is a happy dog. They are more confident and trustworthy.

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