We will start by introducing some basic training association words you can choose in this program.  An important aspect of training your dog is the ability to be consistent with your word commands. Everyone must use the same words in order to communicate clear messages to your dog. Once you have chosen your words for your dog’s training, try never to change their association.

Let us look at some of the words I use with my dogs as their foundation signal word.

  • The Free Command: This word should be used each and every time you release your dog from any command or exercise.
  • The Treat Word: I use this word along with the ‘free’ word to finish or release the dog from any and all commands and practice exercises.
  • The Good Dog: This word should be used every time you praise the dog without using a food treat when he/she is doing a great job.
  • The No Command: This word should be used anytime a dog makes a mistake; example, jumping, mouthing or chewing.
  • The Thank You Word: This word is used to reassure your dog the moment after the dog has responded positively from being disciplined.
  • Nope: This word is not like the command “NO you made a big mistake. This is for minor boo-boo’s. Example, if your dog breaks a command.
  • Ready: This word should be used just before you are ready to start a training lesson.
  • All Done: This word is used after playing, so your dog will learn to settle down.
  • Dog’s Name: This word should only be used when trying to get your dog’s attention.
  • Stop:
  • Stay:  This means not to follow me, or not to come out of.
  • Sit:This means not to move from the seated position.
  • Down: This means to lie down and relax until released.
  • Place: This means to go to a designated location and hold that position.
  • Come: This means to follow me, or come to me when called.
  • Drop: This means to drop an object out of your dog’s mouth.
  • Leave It: This means to leave an object alone.


Please contact me any time you have a question about your dog’s training