To raise a well-adjusted and happy pet requires a fair amount of time, dedication, and training. Problematic pooches not only make it difficult in everyday home life, but will struggle when veterinary visits are required, and pose as a public safety risk if not socialized. The Newtown PA dog trainer offers a number of comprehensive tips to assist pet owners in managing the developmental needs of animals.

When purchasing a pup, it is easy to get caught up in the moment and to forget about laying down the rules. From the moment puppies enter the home environment, it is important to exercise discipline and leadership. Establishing rules and consistency from the beginning will make training easier down the line.

Bad behavior should be addressed as soon as it is detected to prevent it from escalating. Puppies that nip should be reprimanded with a firm command or sudden tug. Excessive digging, barking, and destructive tendencies should be handled in a similar manner to ensure that the pet understands that poor behaviors are not permitted.

Exercising animals on a daily basis is necessary to minimize boredom, offer stimulation, and improve physical health. Walking your dog on a regular basis is a great bonding and leadership experience. Such processes will allow the owner to socialize the pet with other canines and people to prevent public disturbances and poor handling.

Young and old dogs can benefit from regular training sessions. Basic obedience is one of the most constructive ways to eliminate boredom and engage animals mentally. It also aids in shaping the personality of the pet to follow commands and adjust to your family routines.

All good behavior should be positively reinforced with praise or pet friendly treats. Canines are intelligent animals that are able to adapt and learn quickly when exercised, disciplined, and provided affection. Relying on the services provided by the Newtown PA dog trainer can assist in raising a wonderful canine companion.

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