Bobs Pet Stop offers a range of training services and pet products to pet owners in the Bucks County area. Training is done in familiar surroundings, with the assistance and understanding of the pet owner.

PRESS RELEASE: Newtown PA, 18-AUGUST-2014 – Bobs Pet Stop Inc and certified dog trainer, Bob Staples, are pleased to announce that they offer top-ranked dog obedience solutions to area residents. The training methods are appropriate to all ages and breeds of canines. The training is done in the familiar location of the animal and owners are expected to participate fully in the training process. The purpose of on-site training by the Bucks County PA dog obedience is to observe the interaction of the owner and the pet.

According to Bob Staples, “Obedience in a dog is a crucial element if the animal is to interact safely in the environment of the home or workplace. The training I provide is never harsh and I don’t use painful punishment to achieve results. Instead, I use a positive reward system, which I have found to be more effective in getting desirable results from the animals. I work with the strengths of the particular breed and the personality of the animal itself.”

He continues, “I have been in this business for many years and have enjoyed working with many clients in the area. In addition to mobile training services, I have products that are available for pets of all ages and sizes. I’ve worked hard to maintain my reputation in the community and my list of satisfied clients continues to grow.”

Training is offered for various groups who need to depend upon the abilities of the animals to respond in a helpful manner. The dogs are trained to work as therapy dogs, for example. They may work in rescue operations or as service dogs in the homes of those individuals who need help with daily living tasks. The training service also works with clients who must handle dogs as part of the job. Operators and pet grooming facility staff are taught the correct methods of working with dogs.

Learn more about dog training by going to the web pages on-line at today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about the information in this press release are invited to contact Bob Staples at the location which follows.

Contact Person Name: Bob Staples, President

Company Name: Bobs Pet Stop Inc

Address: Newtown, PA

Telephone Number: (267) 994-5390