Hi Everyone, Thought I would share some great information I received from about Service Dog Training. Check out the articles. What is considered to be the proper terminology and the laws governing service dogs.

What Are Working Dogs?

These are animals which perform actual duties to enable the completion of one’s career task. Technically speaking, animals used in sport, therapy, obedience and conformation areas do not fall into the “Working Animal” definition.

What Are Service Dogs?

In the US federal law defines a service animal as a trained to complete task to mitigate the some of the symptoms in the person with the disability. The mission of a trained service animal is to help its handler accomplish actives of daily living. These animals are defined as dogs and in some cases miniature horses. Many people think that if a dog recognizes that a person is having a medical issue, such as a seizure, that the dog can be a service dog. But this is not the case. The dog must be trained what to do when it recognizes the medical issue in order for it to be a service dog under the federal law. Continued next week…

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