Hi All,

Remember back in the day, dog trainers were trying to talk us into using shock collars as a way to help train our dogs, but we got so turned off seeing our dog jump through the roof when they felt the shock or hid in a corner never to trust us again, well, those day’s are long gone……and thank God.

It took me years to even consider looking at a dog training demonstration with a e-collar, but after what I had witness (as a complete septic) was down right over the top and blew me away.  This trainer had the most happy and wonderful dogs who was doing the most incredible tasks with his dog with no leash, in an area of with tons of distraction learning that I had ever seen.

Thanks to a new scientific research and very patient trainers who were willing to step up to the plate and be opened minded to learn about the new theory.

Here is one of those systems made by Ecollar Technologies

Bobs Pet Stop