Custom Designed Dog Training Leashes



Dog Leash Flex Band for Retractable & Long Regular Dog Walking Leashes to help prevent hard tugging dogs from pulling the leash away from you!!

Have you ever lost grip from your retractable style leash when your dog takes off after an animal or had your dog rip the leash off your wrist when out on a walk?  If so, this newly design “Flex Band” maybe just what you’re looking for.  This newly designed safety flex band is designed to attach to your dog leash at the end of the flex bands O-ring. The other end of the flex band is a strong metal snap swivel which attaches to your dog’s collar or harness WARNING: No Head collars or Head halters with retractable or long leashes over 6’. The NEW 1 FT long flexible leash attachment dog leash flex band from  Pet Products with a Purpose  gives a max stretch length of 19” from the elastic bands stitched into the super strong soft tubular nylon material.

Custom designed dog leashes is made are the U.S.A. for every dog owner who needs optimum comfort, strength and reliability along with a practical design which will give you the control needed when out with your favorite canine companion.  These new leashes have additional safety handles and elastic flex bands built directly into the tubular nylon material near the wrist strap to help absorb leash shock when your dog pulls.  It comes in single and double-ply for large breeds.

Available in 3 colors, Neon Yellow/Orange/Dark Red.
3P’s Pet Products LSH#6 / $9.99  Custom 1 ft. long Flex Band Safety Shock Absorber (for retractable and standard dog leashes
Product Disclaimer:
Warning: Anytime you are using a long training leash (15’ to 100”) when playing or training your dog, please make sure you:
– Start using a 15’ leash first to learn how to use long training leashes for your dog’s training and play time.
– Wear shoes/boot with high ankle support to prevent friction burns or cuts.
– Wear jeans or pants (no shorts or cut offs) to prevent friction burns or cuts.
– Wear leather groves to prevent friction burns on your hands.
– Make sure the leash is NEVER WRAPPED AROUND YOU OR YOUR DOG’S BODY, HEAD OR LEGS when training or playing with your dog. This could cause injury to you and/or your pet.
– Make sure all family members and objects are clear of the training area when training or playing.
– Do not allow your dog to run around objects or people when using your long training leash.
– Never use a head halter when using a dog leash over 6’. This could injure your dog if it starts to run away from you.
Learning how to use long leashes and collars correctly is every trainers goal, so please be safe!!!
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